Molasses & Gasoline

by Eric DeLong

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This is the first of, hopefully, four EP's that I will put out during 2015. Each one will be somewhat stylistically different and focus on a different theme. Molasses & Gasoline is an EP of love songs. I haven't released any music since I got married in 2012 so it just made sense to have the first installment center around love songs that I wrote on my acoustic guitar. It is entitled Molasses and Gasoline because my wife is sweet and feisty, but also because love certainly is a beautiful, amazing thing, but it is not for the faint of heart. Love requires determination, commitment and selflessness, which ain't easy, but it is good! Enjoy!


released March 31, 2015

All songs were written, recorded, mixed and mastered by Eric DeLong Jan-Mar 2015
Drums and Percussion - Jeremy Edmondson
Drum assistance - Clark Osborne
BGV's on Broke and Blind - Meowgan DeLong



all rights reserved


Eric DeLong Evansville, Indiana

A Kentuckian, living in the flat land of Evansville, IN, bringing you tunes from my basement. I also play guitar and sing in a band called The Apprentice.

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Track Name: Molasses & Gasoline
Have you ever met a woman that could smile
And instantly transport you to the top of a mount, so high, oh so high
Have you ever met a woman with those eyes
With the simple scowl of her brow
She'll send you runnin' wild, so wild into the night

She is fire, She is sweet
She's molasses and gasoline
She's molasses and gasoline

She'll be the first to point out where you're strong
To tell you to chase your dreams and remember to stand tall
Don't mind all them barkin' dogs
But she's not afraid to call you out on your mess
To recognize when you ain't walkin' in that straight line
Her hand'll make a straight line for your head

I never wanted a simple girl
To worship the ground I walk on
And tell me I am her world
Yeah, she got her own opinions,
She got her own mind
She's a real straight shooter
She's the sweetest grape on the vine
Track Name: Broke & Blind
Well my papa, he called me a freebird
He woulda thought I'd marry someone to calm my urge
But I can't resist a girl with that wild look in her eye
She don't want the normal life
Just as soon as things begin to make sense,
Our bank account looks good, well she starts to get the itch
For new lands, new dreams, new stories
Life's too short to be safe and boring

Now, this ain't all there is
But we gotta make the most of it before it ends

For now we're broke and blind running towards the finish line
We ain't got it all figured out
Yeah we're broke and blind running towards the finish line
We come too far to give up now

Well I ain't sayin' that this life is easy
When we've been living off of peanut butter and jelly
But Jesus says that the lilies don't spin
But they're looking pretty good and He cares for them
So darlin' I think that we'll be just fine
We got food, we got love and $3 bottle of wine
Track Name: You Have Opened My Eyes
I could not see dear, no I couldn't hear no
I was lost on an endless sea of hopelessness

Oh dear, you have opened my eyes
My dear, you have opened my eyes to love

On the day that we had first wed dear
I thought I had arrived at last
But you are a masterpiece
Who's last page I will never read

Each day you have opened my eyes
Each day you have opened my eyes to love
Track Name: I Don't Mind Trying
I sat down, and I tried to write
To put pen to paper night after night
To paint a picture of you
Of a heart so true
Of eyes that paralyze my pen and mind

When I lie my head down to die
I will leave behind
A lifetime of my songs trying to capture your light
Somehow I think I'll come up shy
But I don't mind trying

You are teaching me
To let go of fear
To bask in whimsical light and leave behind
All that I have clung to
A sad and desperate tune
To open up my mind and see the beauty

You are breaking down my defenses
You're tearing down fences
I've built in my heart, my mind, my life
Oh your patience, it is so steady and sweet
When I don't give you the things that you need
But I am trying, though I fail, to be the man that you need
Track Name: Worth the Fight
On a sweltering summer day
Friends and family gathered to hear us say,
"I love you and I'll stay."
And the band played so beautifully
As you walked down the aisle towards me
Two trembling, joyful hearts under the weight

And I believe that love is worth the fight
And I believe to learn to love you have to die

So we started our new life
One part eager, two parts blind
Soon enough the string begins to unwind
You can only hide for so long
No matter how hard you try
Your beasts will show
I drew first blood and man it sure hurt like hell

We knew that we would break each other's hearts
But we vowed to God we'd love till death does us part
So I'll kill the things in me that drag you down
No conditions, no relent, no backing down